Competitive Advantages

Tailor-made for your space and your needs

Bueno can manufacture LED lighting under your brand name, in a special color, or even different form factors. Pick the beam angle, color temperature, brightness, and chassis that suit you best. Name it and we'll make it.

Tap into our innovative power

Why do all the heavy lifting yourself? Bueno has collaborated on numerous projects with our clients, and together we have realized successful products from mere concepts. Work with us to expedite development, free up precious resources, and gain access to a team of experienced, talented engineers and designers.


Quality doesn't always come at a price

Bueno is well-connected in the supply chain. We have direct access to top manufacturers of each link, and is the co-founder of a publicly traded LED chip company in Taiwan. This allows us to offer products of superior quality without incurring substantial costs.


Specially engineered chassis

A superior heat sink is the tell-tale sign of a top quality LED light, as overheating is the #1 reason that LEDs fail. Our specially engineered chassis allows for rapid and uniform heat dissipation. The translates to reduced premature failures, and potentially eight times the useful life of conventional counterparts.


True beauty is effortless, as is our LED light

Forget about maintenance. There's a good chance that you won't be needing replacements in a decade. Bueno LED lights functions impeccably for more than five years, even when lit 24/7. What's more, Bueno LED lights pay for themselves many times over during its useful life. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Created to preserve and persevere

While all LED light sources can be energy efficient, not all end products are made equal. We use higher rated LED chips and under-power them, achieving the same lumen output while consuming less energy. The benefits of our design principle include utility savings, delayed luminous decay, and minimal maintenance.

Multitude of control options

We offer a wide range of methods that allow users to calibrate precisely when a light should and should not be on. From motion sensors, DALI, Wi-Fi, apps, to network based off-site control, we are equipped deliver the optimal solution to any lighting scenario.