Product characteristics


Lithium iron carbonate has a high thermal decomposition temperature and excellent thermal stability and safety.

Excellent longevity

This battery has a long cycle life and service lifespan, and its DOD (depth of discharge: 100%) is 2000+ times its cycle life.

High output discharge

Compared with lead secondary batteries, it provides a significantly higher output and is more suitable for systems requiring high power output, such as automobiles, forklifts, heavy machinery, and industrial machinery.

Quick charge and discharge

Compared with lead-acid batteries, it takes only 10% of the time to charge and discharge.

Low self-discharge rate

The self-discharge rate of lithium iron carbonate batteries is 1% per month, ensuring sufficient power even after being left unused for a long time.

(The self-discharge rate of lead secondary batteries is about 20% per month)

Characteristics in low-temperature environments

Lithium iron carbonate battery can operate in a low-temperature environment of -20°C (-20°C~50°C) due to its characteristics.

Made without rare metals

Since its manufacturing doesn't require rare metals, material costs can be reduced. It also has benefits in terms of technological innovations and mass production.

Battery compartment dimensions


225X170X220 mm

225X170X220 mm

270X175X190 mm

310X175X190 mm

320X320X200 mm